OTH is an entertainment network turning dreams into reality. We work with Singers, Rappers, Producers, Actors, Models, YouTubers, Viners, Brands, and you get the point; we’re working with everyone. Our goal is to introduce NEW faces/products to the entertainment world using our highly trained team of people.

How it works:

  • Our talent scout will search for potential talent that they think is OTHGang worthy.
  • They’ll submit it to the big guys who will then give them the “Go Ahead” or the “Or Nah” 
  • The talent scout will then contact the entertainer and will introduce them to the OTH Network.
  • Once an entertainer is on the network they’re part of the OTHGang.
  • Our Publicists and Promoters will then work on ways to get the entertainer more recognized.
  • Once we got a killer plan we then put it into action and if it goes well then the entertainer will be featured on blogs, magazines, and other media outlets.


What’s the catch?

No catch. WE pick the artists that we feel we can work well with, our goal is to create one of the biggest entertainment networks out there by pushing new talent; we are the platform.

There’s a lot of talent out there, but to get somewhere you need “connections” and sadly that is the industry, they don’t look at the talent, they look at the fan base, connections, and the benefits. We could careless about all that, if you got raw talent we’re picking YOU to be part of the OTHGang.

Whaddaya say? You In?

Heck yeah!